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Prakash K Gawas

Prakash K. Gawas

Prakash Gawas makes Mumbai’s most famous fast food - the Vada Pav. When he started his Vada Pav business in 1982, all he had was a cart and a big dream.

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Whether you have loads to deliver or places to visit with the family, this is the vehicle to have. The Camper's smooth
4-speed transmission makes sure no road is too hard to negotiate. And its plush interiors ensure that you arrive in style wherever you go.

Mahindra Bolero Camper

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There are some amongst us who are adventure seekers. This is their vehicle. Their other half, their new Bolero Camper DX. And you will find them in places that are hard to find. Places that even roads shy away from. You will find them because you will be there too. In your Bolero Camper DX.

  • Grille ornament for a more commanding presence
  • Power steering for easy maneuverability
  • Independent Front Suspension
  • Clear lens hand lamp to brighten up your path
  • Stylish New upholstery
  • 5 speed gear box with synchromesh
  • 2523cc Di Turbo diesel engine
  • 63 HP (46.5 Kw) @ 32000 RPM
  • Available in English silver, fiery black and mist silver for arresting presence.
  • Muscular front bumper
  • Heavy duty cargo box
  • Blend-in side indicator lamp
  • Stand out wheel arches
  • Decals that set you apart
  • Bright clear lens tail light for greater visibility
  • Low side step for easy and entry
  • Ergonomic door grab handle
  • Large dials for greater readability
  • Voluminous Glove box
  • 137.5 NM of raw TORQUE (1440-1500 RPM)
Bolero Camper DX
Basic Model Mahindra Bolero Camper DX-2 WD
Type Passenger vehicle, Normal control
Engine MDI 3200 TC A
  Direct Injection Diesel
Type 4 stroke DI engine
Max. Engine output 46.3 kW @ 3200 rpm
Maximum Torque 180 NM @ 1500–1800 rpm
Clutch Single plate dry clutch
Model NGT 520
Type Synchromeshed
No of Gears 5 forward, 1 reverse
Type Power steering- Rack & opinion
Type Front: IFS, rear: rigid
Spring Front: coil spring
Rear: Leaf spring
Anti roll bar Provided in front
Tyre Hydraulic Tandem master cylinder with vacuum assisted servo with auto adjuster
Wheel rim size 5.5 J* 15 for 7.00R15-10 PR
Type Radial
Seating 1+ 5
Capacity 57 litres
Wheel base, mm 3014
Overall width, mm 1670
Overall length, mm 5030
Overall, height, mm 1885 with 7.00R15- 10 Pr Tyres
Front track, mm 1443
Rear track, mm 1335
Min.ground clearance, mm 215 with 7.00R15- 10 Pr Tyres
Maximum GVW 2510 kg
Maximum FAW 900 kg
Maximum RAW 1610 kg
Kerb weight 1800 kg
Cargo Box outer dimensions (mm3) 1481 x 1532 x 750