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Rajesh Mehta
Rajesh S. Mehta

Rajesh Mehta owns a hard ware showroom in Mumbai. His business involves transporting tiles, ceramics, and plumbing equipment on a regular basis...

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Presenting the New Mahindra Alfa Comfy.

The new Mahindra Alfa Comfy is designed to make the city rides really, really comfortable. Its modern suspension system efficiently absorbs all shocks, so you could easily glide through the most challenging roads.

Mahindra Alfa Comfy, 3 Wheeler Load Vehicles


  • Comfort
    • Car-like coil springs
    • Car-like comfortable driver’s seat
    • Large sofa-seating with superior cushioning
  • Style
    • Sleek design
    • Compact superstructure with stylish canopy
    • Push button start
    • Distinctive black dashboard & mudguard
  • Performance
    • Powerful 1kw starter motor for easy one-go start even in cold weather
    • Snorkel for long engine life
  • Manoeuvrability
    • Sleek rear body for superior maneuverability in congested and narrow roads
    • Fibre skirting for protection from dents