PRESENTING THE STYLISH NEW BOLERO MAXI TRUCK The Bolero Maxitruck Plus comes with all the legendary toughness of Mahindra. In fact it is built to take on anything the city throws at it. The BS IV engine builds up enough power to pull heavy loads effortlessly. And delivers 17.7 KM/Litre* even in stop-and-go traffic. The Bolero Maxitruck Plus is a pleasure to drive. The power steering takes away the effort from turning, and its low turning radius helps you get in and come out of the narrowest of lanes. This pick-up makes a style statement as well, with its eye-catching wrap around headlamps, trendy dual tone instrument panel, and attractive fabric seats with matching door trims. Drive it and you’ll know why no other pick-up even comes close.

* as per ARAI certification, under actual driving conditions

Mahindra Bolero maxitruck Plus Image

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Mahindra Bolero maxitruck Plus CNG Image

* Also available in CNG