Presenting India's first compact truck. A truck that's built to save for you. It gives an unmatched mileage of 27 kmpl and scores really low on maintenance. Its 0.5 ton, compact truck box ensures maximum space is utilised in intra city operations. All this, and a range of other features, comes at a price for which you won't have to spend your life's entire savings.

In fact, the Gio was destined to be a leader even before it was launched. After all it boasts of an impressive lineage, since Mahindra is the biggest player in the small commercial vehicle segment, where combined sales of its pick-ups and 3 wheelers cross 7000 vehicles every month. And hallmarks of all these vehicles include their rugged build, low operating costs and powerful yet fuel efficient engines.

Backed by Mahindra's unique experience, Gio comes to you as a trustworthy partner, dedicated to your business and your progress.

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